Changes are hard, but they are easy to do at the RIGHT time

For the last two months I felt that it’s high time for a change.

I wanted a change in every aspect of my life, to spontaniously make a decision and have something good come out of that. To do something reckless, but brave!

The first step was answering a job announcement for a new part-time job two weeks ago. I don’t really want to change my “main” job, but I need more money. I figured a part-time job was a good solution. I wasn’t actively looking for one but when I stumbled upon this new job opportunity I thought: “man, it’s perfectly what I’m looking for, I might as well try to write them.” I got the job.

Next up was my training regimen. I wanted to add a variety to my trainings by trying out a new gym. I was scared of going to a new place and a new enviroment. One day, I felt this was the day. I had this warm inner feeling that it’s alright. I was still a bit worried about how my trainer would react to me going to another gym on days when we have no training. I didn’t want to hurt his feeling or disrespect him, not to mention disregarding the work he put into me. It really bugs me, and I’m still not quite over it, but at the end of the day it’s my own progress I need to worry about. So I followed my gut feeling, went to the new gym and met the trainer. It seemed noone other than me came to this class that day, so I practically got a private lesson!!! I knew it was gonna be alright.

For a few days my old injury was acting up again and I felt really low and unmotivated because of it. An opportunity occured where I could spend some time with my friend, but that meant ditching training, a sparring session on top of that. But I listened to my gut feeling again and it was perfect, this one day away from the gym gave me the time I needed to put things about training and new gym in perspective, and I spend a great evening having fun with my friend at a science center, which was an extraordinary experience! I don’t regret it, I did feel a bit guilty about skipping training, but it felt right to go to the science center.

This week was started by an astonishing act of kindness and generosity, as I recieved a Amazon gift card to buy Ronda Rousey’s book “My fight/your fight” by the gorgeous Michelle of Crazy Allyrose, my new pal from the Muay Thai Roundtable Forum. I think this set off the good changes I managed to fulfil this week. And Ronda Rousey’s Ronda-isms 😉

After this week full of new expeirnces I decided I had to commit to resting, so I went to a yoga class and sauna. I’m broke right now, so I had to skip the massage, but after pay day I’m scheduling an appointment with my masseur AND with my physio-therapy guy to take a look at my acting up injury. So, next week will be tiring and quite a challenge, but I feel good about it and it feels right. And it’s only gonna be a 3 day of work week, coz of holidays in Poland!! 🙂


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