Give yourself props for your hard work

I had a hard time this week…starting my diet, watching every calorie I put in my mouth and learning the hard way I probably got shin splints and have to take a break from all activities involving my leg – which are basically all of my sport activities….
Yeah, it was not an easy week, that’s for sure.

Now I’m totally exhausted after my first-ever kayak trip, which lasted 3h and I arrived last. Whatever! I finished it without falling into the water, so I give myself props for that.

And this is what I want to write about today – giving yourself props for your achievements. Regardless if they are small or not.

I realised that since I was little I always wanted my achievements and things I’m capable of to be acknowleged by someone. At first it was to be better than my brother, later on I wanted to be the best in everything, which I failed at and took it really hard. You probably can’t be the best at everything.

The time I invested in myself and my self-developement during the last two years have paid off tremendously! I only just now realised it, that I no longer need someone to tell me that I’m doing something good (let’s say in Muay Thai), because I KNOW I do it at the very least okay. So of course, I can always learn something, that’s why I constantly learn and train, but I won’t take sh*t from random people telling me I suck. Coz I KNOW I don’t suck. I may have a lot of things to work on, but I don’t suck.
Noone I know trains as hard as I do and I won’t let random people tell me how I should do it. I respect that some people may be more skilfull than me, of course, but I won’t let them say a bad word about the work I put into it!

This realization is really an amazing feeling. I really always wanted to be told “you’re doing great!” and of course I like to hear it even now. The biggest difference it, that now I KNOW I’m doing great even if noone tells me this.

Self-confidence tastes great! 🙂



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