In just two months I take off to Thailand!

I mentioned that I’m planning to go to Thailand in January and yes, it’s really happening!

I bought my plane tickets, my flight is on January 13th :p 

This is a post that will tell you a little about what I’ve been up to lately and what it’s like to prepare for the trip for me. As well as my first impressions on starting a 1500kcal weightloss eating plan with food being delivered directly to my office!


So, for now, besides buying the flight tickets to Bangkok I also booked a 2 weeks stay at Rawai Supa Muay Thai gym (a room) and a pick up at arrival by the gym.

And that’s about it what I managed to do up until now.

My list of things I need to do is so much longer, I don’t know how I will make it all in time!!

I always thought that it is still sooooo long until the trip, but…it’s literally in EIGHT weeks!!!

So yeah, I have flight tickets and a room for two weeks booked.

I need to book my bus tickets from Bangkok to Phuket, find a place to stay for 3 days in Bangkok, go to the doctor to get a prescrpition for some vaccine I need to take soon, look up insurance companies, and and and….


Beside all the trip-planning I have to prepare myself physically – training and dieting, but I’m far from my best shape.

The training part I can’t change much – I just have to go and train. The dieting…uuuh…that’s a hard one. I planned to loose weight before going to Thailand, I was eating clean most of the year, but I didn’t lose even one kilo. So I put on drastic measures. I contacted a diet catering firm called Aveppi that works with one of the best nutricionists in Poland (UFC-Champs nutricionist, btw – Jakub Mauricz) and I bought a 1500kcal meal plan, delivered directly to my office in the morning.

On one hand, it’s a fantastic thing – you don’t have to plan, cook, prepare all the boxes, pack them up in the morning…. but it comes with a price. Either way, I decided that if I already spend so much on my Thailand trip, I will consider this an investment in myself/my trip/my dreams, too. I can’t afford it on the long run, even though I would love to and I’m sure I would loose weight that way for sure, but I will manage to buy it for 2 months until I go to Thailand.

Right now I’m on week 1. It’s horrible. I mean no, the food is tasty and all that, but 1500kcal? I usually eat around 2000kcal – or maybe even more to be honest, so that would probably be the cause of me not losing weight – I usually eat healthy, but too much! The portions now are so tiny T_T I almost cry every morning when I look into my delivered food bag. I’m soooo hungry most of the time and unfortunately I stuff myself up with some Wasa bread in the evening -a few slices…just to hold out until bedtime.

Here’s my honest list of excuses why I didn’t go to training this week….I know it’s silly…

Excuse no 1: I started a low-calories diet, I have no energy, I feel unmotivated, because I get so exhausted after every movement that needs some strenght, I feel I’m unable to engage into the hard work and progress. Besides, I see no progress at all in myself.

Excuse no 2: I’m on a anty- allergy vaccine plan right now when I have to take 2 shots every week. I shouldn’t exercise on the day of the shots (come on, I have training!! T_T) and I feel weird after that and my arms hurt so much. They hurt throughout the whole week, so it’s not a nice feeling to train with at all.

Excuse no 3: I have no car

Excuse no 4: I have so many things to do at home…


I’m totally aware of the fact that these are all excuses, but I felt so weak lately, I thought a few days off will give me a kind of new perspective. I’m working out lightly in the meantime, just some fitness classes and stretching, light cardio and… Defendo.

I went to my first-ever Defendo class today – it’s kind of a combination of martial arts for the purpose of self-defense. Not that I’m particularly interested in self-defense, but I have it literally 6 METERS from me, so I go (it’s a class held in the gym at my office, so I basically just need to go 2 stories down). The class was fun, didn’t learn much yet, but experienced a new kind of approach to learning how to react when someone’s trying to strangle you. Just basic stuff, but I worked up a sweat, so it’s ok. And it’s a new kind of feeling when you try to strangle your co-workers and superiors….^_^


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