6 weeks until Thailand!

This week I put on the next gear with Things I Need To Do before my departure for Thailand in January ^_^

On Thursday I went to the vaccinacion center to visit a Travel Doctor. From what I researched earlier on I was sure I only had one vaccine to take (Hepatitis A) just to be on the safe side before this trip.

It turned out I have to take 3…and of course it’s fully paid, not covered by the health insurance even though one of them is a vaccine everyone should do (the Tetanus one).

So this week I only got one – 4-in-1 Tetanus, Pertussis & Diphtheria. And next week (after I get my pay check XD) I will get the twp for Hepatitis A and Traveller’s Diarrhoea.

On one hand I’m happy I did the Tetanus one, because it was the last moment I could be doing it this way (as a once-in-10-years “recall” vaccination), but on the other…well, bummer, it cost me 3x more then I originally planned. And my budgets pretty tight right now.

It was YEARS since I last got a vaccination, so I didn’t remember how it felt, so I was a bit anxious.
It turned out the injection was just a usual pain, but later my arm hurt so much! Fortunately it didn’t swell, but it hurts to move it. It’s 3 days today, Saturday, and I still feel a bit of pain in the shoulder area, but it feels like it subsides.


I was looking up offers online, but most of the companies didn’t have exact prices on their websites and I was a bit shocked when I saw the price range is from 300PLN to 2000PLN online!!!

As I had a busy day today, I also went to the insurance lady who has provided me with an insurance for my training camp earlier this year, so I thought it would be nice to check prices there with her.
She found me a pretty good one for 200PLN and send me the details. So now it’s just reading through them and asking her to prepare the insurance if everything’s ok.

I also learned about a card my health insurance can provide me with – I “just” need to visit their headquarters (it’s a bit far away, usually crowded and open during my working hours….). It’s cool to gather additional information like this. I forgot the name of this card, but I will look into it 😉


I’m a bit dissapointed I had to skip yesterdays’ and todays’ Muay Thai training because of the vaccination. And also a bit irritated that I will have to go through it again next week as I will take the remaining vaccinations!!!

But there’s also a good part in it. I went to the fitness center today and worked out a little bit, mostly worked the legs, tummy and back.  I also tried to do some light excercises involving my arms to test how far I can push it with my aching arm. Well, not far.

I’m really proud of myself for working out today! Saturdays’ usually my lazy rest day, but I tend to just pass time doing nothing and I don’t like that. So it felt really nice to be doing SOMETHING with my free time 🙂 I felt tired of course, but a little bit energized. Although I don’t like working out during the day, I’m used to do the hard work in the evening 🙂


On Friday I finished my first month with Aveppi diet catering and I lost 3kg during that time. The first three weeks I lost 3kg and in those 3 weeks I barely excercised anything. Now in the fourth week I went to training, but only 2 times and I lost NOTHING, NULL, ZERO!!! This is the frustrating part. I was sticking to the diet 100% all week long, even more than the weeks before – and I didn’t lose a GRAM!
I hate this : if I stick to a diet plan and don’t excercise much – I loose weight. I train my ass off training six times a week, on top of sticking to my diet plan – I don’t loose a pound.
I bought the diet catering anyways until my trip to Thailand, I will fight until the very end to drop the most kilos I can!!

The catering itself consists of 5 meals, I have a 1500kcal diet plan and they deliver it to me Monday – Friday. On the weekends I binge eat (haha no, not really, I try to keep it reasonable).
The food is great for me. I usually feel hungry – but come on, I was used to eating 2000-2500kcal a day, so this is a huge reduction. After four weeks I’m pretty much used to the smaller portions though and it’s getting easier to silence the hunger, especially in the evening.


We still haven’t found and booked a room in Bangkok and I still have no plan for what I want to sight-see there 😀

At home, I need to finish up a lot of stuff, at work I need to schedule things ahead of time for my vacation.
I’m a bit lazy about some stuff, I realise that… but I’ll make it!

Oh and there’s CHRISTMAS!!! Aaa I have absolutely NOTHING planned for my family!!! And tomorrow’s Santa’s Day and I didn’t prepare anything. I feel a bit bad about it, but oh well, we’re adults, right?!


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