In less then a month I will be in Thailand!

Exactly in a month I will be sleeping off my jet lag in Bangkok!! 😀

The final preparations are already being made.

I got all my vaccination shots done, that’s great! Now I can go back to training! 😀

Me and my friends with whom I’m going to spend 3 days in Bangkok with – we finally sat down and chose a hostel for our Bangkok stay – we chose the PanPan Hostel, it looks nice and cozy, let’s hope it will be like in the pictures and reviews on TripAdvisor! 😀

I also chose an insurance company – all that’s left is to make an appointment to actually buy the travel insurance.

Well, and now I’m all free to plan my trip in detail, so I’m checking out must-see lists of things in Bangkok and Phuket.

The timing is perfect I think. It’s just enough time to plan all the sightseeing.

I feel there’s also enough time left to prepare all those fancy summer clothes (I’m joking, I don’t have fancy clothes) and decide what I will take with me from my equipement and what to buy there. I want to buy Muay Thai shorts, that’s for sure! I hope they will have my giant size!!!


When it comes to my dieting, well honestly I’m not doing great. I still eat the 1500kcal mealplan the catering firm brings me, but I often eat a bit additionally, which is bad!!!

People start to ask me though how my diet’s going and I hate to lie to them that I’m cheating. And they say that my face slimmed down, that I somehow look better. Well, everything’s nice and well, but the remorse I feel when I hear it and know I cheated the evening before ;(

It all transfers to my training – Monday is usally great, I have energy. Last weeks’ Monday training was incredibly good! The trainer had us do personalised combos that explored our strenghts – which was really cool, I actually noted down all the combos afterwards 😀

The next days all spiraled down. I was hungry all the time (and still am), I was kind of pissed off at my lack of progress, then in the Wednesday class I was totally distracted and couldn’t focus on the technique. Afterwards, we did some sparring and the guy I’m currently training the most with hits really hard. I landed a big shot myself – I even felt my knuckles hitting his head (I freaked out a little bit), but then he destroyed me totally, it was so frustrating to not be able to do anything at all! After the round with big hits, when I landed one good punch and he destroyed me afterwards with some hard punches I also got punched in the pace. My nose got a little bit busted and when I saw blood on the tissue so I was starting to fall apart – not too much, it wasn’t as bad as I already had one time, when a boxer punched me, but it freaked me out. The trainer asked me if I wanted to go another round – and I hate to pass opportunities like this, so I said yes and he decided we will do a round of only kicks. Kicks are usually my game – not this time!! He totally ripped me apart and destroyed my legs, I even had to tell him to go lighter! So not being able to land any kick and being kicked like a bag was actually much more frustrating than the bloody nose!!! I was angry with myself.

It’s a bit weird, but I’m actually pretty happy about this ruthless training partner. Most guys go lightly on me, because I’m a woman – and it’s totally reasonable and understandable, because it does hurt to be punched in the face and to be kicked…and I undestand the cultural shock they have to go through to punch me. To be honest it’s not a pleasure for me to be hit hard, but I won’t learn anything when everyone’s getting easy on me. I have to learn to endure the pain and start doing something about it.

I really hope I get to train a lot more with this particular training partner, coz he really pushes me (although not knowingly) to endure it and suck it up and fight back, hard as well. I already think I see a little improvement when it comes to the power of punches I hit people with. I plan to test it tomorrow when I go back to my “old” gym and my “old” sparring partner.

But coming back to this ruthless guy. I got hit and kicked so many times by him that I know he could knock me out even casually sparring with me, so I have to be incredibly focused to survive even light training with him!

Most of the time I’m incredibly stressed out and hurt by every punch and kick, but I notice I’m slowly getting used to it. I’m concentrating now on learning how to block and answer, instead of running away… it’s not easy when you stand across a guy who has such a KO-air about him that you’re scared to even step into his range!!! I’m getting so stressed out by it that I’m already breathing hard when I know he’s about to do his attack 😀 😀 I never learned to respect someone’s power until now. What’s interesting he’s around 10kg heavier than the guys I’m used to train with, so this is another factor which is new for me, harder to endure, but of great benefit to my training!! 🙂

So long things short: it’s great to train with better people! 🙂


On another topic, I got a boxer-manicure today 😀 Hahaha so lately I’ve been hearing that I’m not womanly enough and that my “best years” are about to pass by without me taking advantage of it (I turn 30 in around 2 months). Well you know, I’m not the feminine type. I’m not the womanly type, I’m not the vamp type, I’m not the sexy kitten type. I’m actually more neutral-gender type than female. I think I dress more or less in a sporty style, sometimes rocker chic style, but even then it’s not sexy-hot-smoking-rocker-biker-girl. That’s simply not me.

So I went and got a hybrid manicure to appear more “groomed” 😀 and I put a twist on it, I asked the girl who was making my mani to make it boxing-themed 😀

Photo credit: Magda Walewska - Stylizacja Paznokci Otwock


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