10 days until Thailand!

Haha I totally have Reisefieber!

But I still have SO MANY things to do!!!

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy the travel insurance (high time!!!!)

I already decided how I’m gonna pack for the travel (plane//bus) – so halfway there already 🙂

I’m totally nervous, scared, happy, anxious, exhausted, calm – all at the same time! It’s a bit crazy, but I still manage to keep it all together.

Training-wise I decided I need to pull out a bit – of course I will still train, but I will only do light technical exercise and a LOT of stretching. Today I did half an hour of foam rolling, it hurt so badly, but I know my muscles need this – my body feels really tight and stressed and needs all the rest and relax it can get. That’s why I decided to tune it down with training for now.  First, because I don’t want to risk any kind of injury at this point. And second, I feel that I’m exhausted. I may not train incredibly hard lately, but it’s when I can’t seem to bring myself to push harder is when I know that I’m over-exhausted. I also had some problems with sleeping lately – which is NEVER the case, so I think shifting a few gears down won’t hurt me now. I need to have strength for 2 weeks of training in Thailand.

Haha, no, it still sounds unreal to me. Unreal, but very right at the same time.

So this time is a time of contradicting feelings.

But deep down I’m calm.

I’m amazed by the way my family is handling the approaching time of my departure. They have always supported me in most – if not all – of my ideas all my life, so it would surprise me to get another reaction from them NOW, but still… It comes to the point that some people who I know from the gym try to talk me out of it, voicing incredibly surreal scenarios that even my mother didn’t come up with 🙂

It’s cool to have support like this. Financially, I’m doing this on my own. Organization-wise, I do it on my own. Mental strength – I borrow it from my supporters!


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