Tomorrow I’m going to Thailand / Follow my trip on Instagram

So the big day is here. It’s tomorrow.

I managed to pack the total minimum, knowing I won’t use most of the stuff and I will probably buy a lot – gear and Muay Thai stuff.

I feel…uneasy. I think I forgot to pack a lot of things. I kind of feel unprepared. I’m getting lonely. I feel like a lot of people expect me to have a time of my life, which I will have, but I’m not sure if this is what they expect. I also feel a bit lingering sad thoughts about my training situation at home, which I know I will have to deal with when I come back.

So yeah. A year of planning, reading, mentally preparing all comes down to this.

My luggage is ready. I’m a bit distant, a bit tired. I’m scared if I won’t have any allergic reaction during the flight. Yeah, that’s my biggest concern – bigger than boarding a plane.

But this is it. I organized my own trip to Thailand. The organization part was pretty easy, but actually fulfilling the dream starts tomorrow and will be a lot of hard work!!

I will update the blog when I come back, so you can expect some entry in February.

If you want to follow how I’m doing in Thailand, you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram.


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