Rolling back into training

Yeah, literally rolling. In my 6 weeks off training I gained a round 6 kg, which made me even more round, so I feel like I’m rolling, not walking.

I don’t really care that much about it, but I also feel no motivation to eat clean and shed those additional kilos. I know it’s dangerous coz they will stay with me otherwise, but I just can’t bring myself to eat clean, it hurts me too much to endure it right now. So…I let it go 😉 and eat chocolate. I’m so bad.

Well, 6 weeks off any kind of physical activity, taking lots of meds and antibiotics made me pretty useless in the gym. My conditioning is out the window and basically everything I worked hard for and achieved during the last six months disappeared in those 6 weeks.

I still have the will to train and this is what makes me pack my bag and go back to training.

Saying goodbye is hard

At the end of March my trainer Igor has left for Bahrain, where lucky people will now have the opportunity to train with him and we did a little goodbye-party and prepared a little gift for him.

During that last training we were doing pads and he hold one last rounds of pads for me, it felt so good!!! I mean I was dying it was so exhausting, but pads with him make you always feel incredible and so powerful! But most of all, I felt incredibly honoured that he did it just for me! 🙂 I really hope he’ll come back soon!

Me and my MuayYing friend – in the middle our trainer Igor

Starting training again after being sick – First week back

In my first week back I didn’t push it too hard and went just twice a week for Muay Thai, went on long walks with my dog (3km) and did two low intensity fitness classes.

At one of the trainings we were doing 5 (FIVE) rounds of light sparring, and I was soooo exhausted at round TWO… it’s so bad… I feel like an infant at the gym, trying to keep up, but being totally out of shape. I was giving myself props for the amount of workout and stamina that I used to have…man I had to work so hard!! 😀 I really do train hard! 😀

What’s next

As I only have three Muay Thai trainings a week now (with my trainer Ziemek and his mostly beginner-ish group), I want to focus on strength and stretching. And conditioning, along the way.

I strained my back a bit two months ago and this made me think I need to take better care of my back – I’ll be going to “healthy” fitness classes that focus on strengthening your core and back muscles to prevent any injury.

I’ll also focus more on stretching after trainings (which I neglected this past half a year) and I also will join stretching classes at least once a week. (I already found a place)

The remaining free time I want to use for strength training at the gym, but I’m still working out this part of the plan.

Can I lay down already? No??


Trying out new places

Last Wednesday after training I went to check out a fitness gym nearby that I have never been to – it’s called FitFans – and they had a Stretching class in their schedule which I wanted to check out. Unfortunately the class was canceled, because there were not enough people on that day. Well, since I already went there I checked out the gym, got my membership login and hopefully the class will be held next week (tomorrow). Cool thing was though, I accidentaly met a guy there who I trained with previously, but haven’t seen for a while since I went to Thailand. It was nice catching up and chatting about the current situation of nearby gyms 😀 I’m making him come train with me again! It will be awesome to have the bar set high right in front of me again in training! It motivates me to train harder!

So, next up was my “take care of your back” day and I went to a fitness class dedicated to strengthening your core muscles. Maaaaaan, it was so exhausting! I mean, just basic fitness exercises, but all the ones I dread…The fact that I was so exhausted after it made me strangely competitive and I decided I have to go there regularly and get better at it and NOT be so exhausted. Let’s see what I’ll say in a month! Bad thing is, the AC irritated my nose and I think I’ll have to find a gym with no AC until my sinuses/hay fever is over and healthy again.

On Friday night I had a sudden urge to go kick the bag, so I jumped into the car and drove nearby to a gym I really feel at home at – FDF Club – and I did 5 round on the bag, trying to work on the quickness of my kicks. So exhausting! but it felt so good!

So as you see, I’m still rolling around slowly, but surely. I need to take it slow at the moment, coz my body can’t handle my usual pace and I don’t want to be sick again…I’m so fragile hahahahaha…:D 😀 😀

I hope next time I’ll write about some kickass moves I pulled on the guys in training 😀 but let’s see! Until then!

PS. I was looking at scooters this past week and I decided to buy one 😀 My family is horrified which takes the fun out of it a little bit 😦

But me being me (a rebel), I’ll do what I feel is right for me. The guy selling it will prepare it for me and bring it over during the weekend! Next week I’ll need to register it and then…I’ll start riding!!! 😀

I bought it! The one in the middle




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