My May: When everything goes right, something goes wrong

I know, life is a sine wave of good and bad things that happen to you.

After training diligently all April and kinda feeling like I’m getting back in shape, everything went wrong again.

May was a disastear. Every week I injured something new.

It started at the beginning of May when I fractured my little toe – it’s probably broken, but I didn’t see a doctor or do a MRI.

Fractured toe

So, I was sitting out training for a week. After a week and a half my friend (who is a nurse in the “real” world) was sweet enough to tape my – still incredibly hurting – toe and I participated in the training class. I was going real light, no kicks, running during the warm-up was so embarassing (I was holding everyone up) and painful, but I managed. So, feeling more sure about myself I went to another training, taped my toe alright and….strained my back – like I did in February. I don’t know if it was me getting used to the pain or this time it was not as bad as last time.

Soooo…again, I was afraid to move around and was just waiting for the pain to go away. A week passed and my back still hurt, my toe started to hurt a little bit less and I almost cut off my thumb while slicing a bun. Yes. A freshly backed, wonderfully soft, wheat bun. I was so angry at myself! Every week I did something to myself, this was getting old!!!

Cut thumb

Around the middle of May I decided to try a new nutrition approach as my weight was still incredibly high and I was feeling incredibly low. It’s called a “samurai diet”, it is like paleo, but I can eat some carbs like rice etc. I’m still really new to this and because I was feeling really bad about my fractured toe and strained back I was still comfort-eating…a little bit. So, no great results to share yet.

Towards the end of the month (May) I was slowly starting to get a hang of the new nutrition plan (still didn’t lose weight yet), and I was having less comfort-eating days, which in turn motivated me to make a plan for “what’s next after Thailand” (yeah I know it’s been 4 months already, but this shows you what a mess I was all this time). But you know what’s even better? I already started to make the plan happen!!

Every step I take to fulfill my plans gives me strength and I feel so empowered by my own actions! I love how this makes me feel.

Right now I’m working on moving into my own apartment. I already have things planned next, so it’s a huge step for me. But first things first, apartment.

That’s the plan. Make it happen, me!


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