I’m back at MT again!

Week 3 of being back to my Muay Thai gym is officially in the books.
I had exactly 6 months of break from Muay Thai, 4,5 months from exercise at all.

How it feels to go back after such a long time?

Friggin’ good!! And VERY difficult!

I was so anxious to go back to my first training, I was pushing it off for 2 or 3 weeks, but I promised myself I’d be back in May, so I had 31 days to fulfill this promise 😀 And I did it!

>>Digression. A lot of years back, in winter, me and my two best friends who lived close by were planning to start running in the spring. So as March comes around the two of us who were more determined, try to make plans with the third one and she’s like…”what? running?! now?! I thought we were supposed to start runinng in a month starting with “m”…in May? :D”.<<

It was really hard at first, my brain couldn’t handle all the combos and sequences we were training. I literally spent a whole training struggling to get a grip on what we were supposed to do!!! It was really hard.

Week 2 we had sparrings and I SUCKED SO BAD! Eating punches and being out of breath was what it looked like.

Week 3 we did some technical sparing “combo for combo” and I started to feel it again a little bit. Because there were few of us at the gym, the trainer took some time to work with everyone on their own flaws in technique. I have SO MUCH to work on!

The group didn’t really change at all when it comes to people, so that’s also easy for me, coming back after such a long break. Our group is “open”, so everyone trains together, from beginners to fighters. I was a bit scared of the group changing alltogether, but everyone has stayed and I didn’t see anyone new yet. It’s cool to see how much progress last years’ beginners have made in this half year! Now it’s really nice to train with them, you don’t have to look out for them, because they’re not beginners anymore! So cool! We also have one guy who’s left-handed and I really like to train with him, it gets your brain working as well. We also have one guy who just recently fought in an amateur bout and TKOed his opponent in the 2nd round! So impressive! There’s also a girl who’s as tall as me and she’s gotten real good in the past half year, she kicks real hard, so no going easy on her! I love to see the no-bullshit attitute in her eyes when we train. So cool to have another dedicated female around!

Mid- August I’m going for a training camp that will be a week long, so I hope I will get better by then.

Since I’ve been back at the MT gym, I couldn’t really squeeze in my strength training anywhere, which I’m sad about. I started to enjoy lifting and I was beside myself when I realized I could deadlift 51kg after just 4 weeks of strength training 2x a week! I also started to see some muscle definition, so all that was making me look forward to going to the gym and lifting.
The longer I’m away from the gym, the more anxious I get to go back.
I need to reschedule my weeekly training plan, so that everything will fit into it.

For the past 3 weeks I managed to do 2x Muay Thai, 1x HIIT training, 1x strength. I know, it’s weak and I feel like I’ve been slacking, but I couldn’t push through it. I should be doing one more HIIT and one more strength training, PLUS morning intervals, but I just can’t force myself to get up an hour earlier and work out in the morning….
There’s a lot of stress at work recently and I had problems sleeping because of the stress…so sleepless nights, working 8hrs at the office, teaching kids at the language school after work, going to training….it was just too much and I needed to take a break here and there, so I skipped some trainings even though I had them scheduled.
Last week I put a lot of effort to handle my sleep pattern a bit better, trying to go to bed earlier (1 am instead of 4 am), drinking soothing bedtime teas and it has helped me to find a balance this week. I was still almost dozing off in the evening before I should go train, but I pushed through!!!

Tomorrow’s my first check-up with the nutritionist and I hope my weight won’t jump overnight – my body’s like that…so that’s actually possible, but for the last week it was pretty good, so I hope it won’t jump. I’m curious to see how my fat percentage has changed, even though I only lost like 5kg in 2 months….

Now we have a long weekend here in Poland, 4 days off! I will rest a lot, clean a lot LOL, meet with friends and catch-up on my animes. Boring? Well, nothing wrong with tuning it down a notch for a while.

I hope you’ll also have a nice weekend 🙂


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