About me

Hi, I’m Milena, a 30yr female training Muay Thai in Poland, and I’m waaay overweight, which does not prevent me from giving my all and training hard. On top of it all, I’m actually having fun and I’m really passionate about my training.

So I can’t share with you my story of success of “how I lost xx pounds thanks to working out and training Muay Thai”, because that’s not my story. My story is about passion and immersion into the art of Muay Thai – and observing how the Polish Muay Thai scene develops.

So just to make it clear: my athletic goal has nothing to do with my weight.

I want to learn as much as I can and force my mind and muscles to cooperate with each other and learn as much techniques as I can.

Apart from that, I spend a lot of time researching Muay Thai – female Muay Thai specifically – throughout the Internet.

I managed to pull off my first travel to Thailand in January 2016 and it left a huge impression on me, I really like it there (and I managed to loose 3kg in 2 weeks, so of course I liked it there! ;D).

Me having fun on pads

My history in Martial Arts:

I started training martial arts at the age of 6, following the footsteps of my older brother and training karate shotokan next to my ballet, dance and piano lessons 😉 I had a very intense childhood, so marial arts were never a huge priority, but a fun thing to compete over with my brother (he’s 6 yrs older…).

Next, I switched to karate kyokushin in high school and spent around 4 years training really  seriously, going to camps and trying to be good at it. Then in my second year of studies I stopped. For a lot of reasons, mostly stupid and naive ones. So it was 2006.

The thought about wanting to ‘come back’ started naggin at me during my final year of studies (yeah, you study two faculties, work part-time, go to fitness AND want to start a new activity….the power of the youth ;)), so in 2010 or 2011 I tried going back to train with my previous Sensei, but I just couldn’t get back into karate anymore.

In 2012 I spotted some posters of a new-founded gym who was advertising something along the lines of “combat fitness classes for women”, so I grabbed the phone, called them and inquired! It turned out the group doesn’t have enough people, but they invited me to try the Muay Thai classes, because a lot of girls are going there. And that was it.

Muay Thai!! My dream came true! The first time I heard about Muay Thai was in 2000 or 2001! And if it wasn’t for my friend who went alone for one class and said they were so brutal with him he never went back, I would actually have gone there!!! Argh!

So, over 10 years later I finally started my Muay Thai adventure.

Since then I changed gyms a few times mostly because of work, but since January 2014 I train seriously between 3 to 6 times a week – depending on the work load or my health condition. I train mainly out of one gym, but I still don’t feel “at home” there, so I’m open to try out new places, which I rarely do, but I am open-minded. It’s not totally a comfortable situation, but that’s what makes the journey all the more exciting! I did found two trainers who I trust and I enjoy training with them, so it’s just a gym-thing that’s missing. The trainers are great! 🙂

About this blog

This blog is still a work in progress, the graphic design as well as the structure of the content.

What you can expect see here in the future:

– my blog posts about my struggles in finding my own place at a gym

– the Beginner Zone – where I will put all useful infos I stumle across the webs

– useful links to the Muay Thai community

I’ll work on the blog slowly, but surely! If you have suggestions for me, leave me a comment.

Business inquiries:

If you wish to work with me on a subject regarding training Muay Thai or any topic related to fitness/weightloss/martial arts – feel free to e-mail me at: muaythairebel@gmail.com


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